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What our customers think

"I'm a tall guy with a height of 6 foot 2. I find it difficult to find tights large enough to fit my height. I purchased these after seeing them advertised on "hosiery for men".  These tights are a supurb fit and stay in place really well, as well as being really comfortable and still have more stretch for taller people. Overall very impressed."

 - Paul, October 2014

"I am a male wearer of hosiery and have been for many years trying all sorts of brands but I have to say that your brand ranks as the best I have worn to date for both comfort and feel. I am just under 5'8" and the fit is perfect. I particularly like the denser opaqueness of the brief but having said that all together a great product as far as I am concerned."

 - Brian, November 2014

"You definitely have brought to market some tights that do tick all the boxes... Comfort...Fit...Quality are all first class...  They are tights that can be worn all day every day for all occasions with no problems at all...  The gusset is the right size and in the right place for all day comfort and hygiene...  This is the first time i have ever worn tights that is made from bamboo...  Very soft and silky...  Tights that look good on you..." 

 - Carl, December 2014

"...as a 6'1 woman between a size 14-16 who really struggles to find tights that fit and are comfortable, I am so happy with my purchase! Good quality, good value, good fit.  Couldn't ask for much more!"

- Jade, January 2015

"I'm 6'6" and they fitted me comfortably."

- Chris, August 2014

"Your tights are great and really comfy!!!"

 - Amy, October 2014

"GREAT thanks...v comfy.  I know where I'll be ordering when I need more, for sure."

 - Charlotte, September 2014

Sizing Guidance

Tall comfort tights are designed for people 5'8" to 6'3", although they may fit some people either side of this range.

As the tights are sized by height not width, they will not fit everyone.  The Spandex content in the tights ensures that the tights sit close to the body and provide some support.  This does mean, however, that they may feel tight when first put on or after washing; however, any discomfort should be temporary. 

If the tights are too tight or do not fit at all, please feel free to return the tights and you will get a full refund.